Universal planting plate

Universal planting plate for growing of coniferous and deciduous seedlings and young plants

Forest planting plate consists of 28 silvicultural cells. It is suitable for growing of deciduous and also coniferous forest plants and seedlings on an air cushion.
Dimensions of the cells for growing of deciduous and coniferous plants comply with the requirements of respective CSN.

For deciduous plants, especially the height of 165 mm is suitable, when the tap root is not deformed. Deciduous tree species can be grown, either as seedlings fk 0,5 + k 0,5 or fk 0,5 + k 1 with spring post-cultivation, or it is possible to transplant the seedlings into planting plates up to year 1 + 0 and to produce plants with balls, for example 0,5 + 1.

Coniferous plants: pine and larch can be grown in similar way as deciduous trees. For spruce, it is suitable to transplant a seedling with ball 1 + 0 into planting plate and to post-cultivate for 1 to 1,5 year. Internal walls of the cells are equipped with three ribs on each wall, what enables correct growing of roots and prevents deformations.

The Planting plate is made of  polyethylene, which is recyclable, environmentally friendly with health certificate.
We provide a guarantee for planting plate durability for the period of 8 years (when used properly).
The Planting plate is stackable and it is supplied on pallets, each with approx. 300 pieces.
The Planting plate is resistant to common temperatures from -25ºC up to 110 ºC ( during its disinfection and short-term exposure to this temperature).

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